Functioning Of The Column Strategy

Functioning Of The Column Strategy

It is clear that the initial bet with this strategy leads us to contribute, for example, 1 euro to column 1, 2 euros to column 2 and 4 euros to column 3. But, perhaps the strategy is just to do this.

Well, you must be clear that this is not the case and it is that when applying it it is necessary that this action be carried out in each shot, taking into account that in each of them the base bet, that of the first column, must be doubled and therefore the bets in the other two columns must increase proportionally.

vvvKnowing this, it is time to talk about certain keys that must be followed for its application:

  • It is clear that in the column strategy bets are made only on columns, but varying the amount of money we put in each of them.

Understanding the general operation, what should be done is the following:

  • You put one euro in column 1. In the second you put 2 euros and in the third you put 4 euros. The promotion is very clear as well as the amount of money used in the first bet, 7 euros in total.
  • Now, consider that column bets give a payout of 2 to 1. In this way, if you win with the first column the profit will be 2 euros, in the second it will be 4 euros and in the third it will be 8 euros. Then, depending on the column that is the winner, you can have a profit of 1 euro or you will have a negative balance for which you must continue betting, but doubling the base of the next bet.

Be very clear that here we are talking about the value of 1 euro for the initial currency, but the column strategy gives the freedom to choose this value and adjust it according to your bankroll.

Of course, when adjusting the base do not forget that in the following bets you must double it, so your bankroll must resist this.

Application Recommendation

If you really liked the column strategy, then you should put it to the test before going to bet with it. For this, do not hesitate to use the free roulette.

Of course, when you try it and bet with it you should look for a roulette with only one 0, since you should always consider that since this box exists, which does not belong to any of the dozen, there is the possibility that you lose your bet completely and you can’t get anything back.

So, if you choose the American roulette, 0 and 00, then the chances of losing increase.

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