Application Of The James Bond Strategy

Application Of The James Bond Strategy

When talking about this betting strategy in Malaysia casino online roulette, many do not understand why they have called him James Bond, when the followers of this character know that Mr. Bond the game he really likes is Baccarat.

Well, you should know that this strategy, which is quite simple and clear, has been given this name since it was developed by the creator, writer, of this renowned agent.

With this clear, it is time to go on to talk about the key points to execute the James Bond strategy  in online bet Malaysia:

  • Initially you should be clear that the money requirement to bet on this strategy is quite high and is that it is at least 200 euros. The basis of this strategy is that if you want to have great benefits you cannot make insignificant bets.
  • Now, you already have the 200 euros for your bet, because the next thing to do is distribute the money seeking to cover a good part of the board, in such a way that by generating a profit you can have a good profit or at least recover the money used .
  • You are then going to put 140 euros to the high numbers, that is, those between 19 and 36.
  • You will be able to add another 50 euros to the six of numbers that comprise from 13 to 18 and you will end up placing only 10 euros to 0, as a kind of safe bet.

It is clear in this explanation that the roulette indicated to use the James Bond strategy is the French or the European, considering that they should only have a 0. If the roulette applies the rule of the partage or in Prison, it will clearly be more flattering.


The Results Of  The Strategy

You already know how to apply this strategy to your bet, but what you don’t know are the results they can generate.

NetNewsLedger - Five countries where online gambling is fully legalIn this regard, you should know that by placing the chips in this way you will have a large number of numbers covered, including 0 and from 13 to 36. So, your chances of winning are very great, although clearly there is a risk of loss already which can be the winner between 1 and 12 and in this case your entire bet is gone.

But, if you win with the bet on high numbers you can win about 80 euros, if you win with six the prize with which you can get is about 100 euros and then if the 0 comes out you will have a great profit of 160 euros, being a full bet.

In the event that the bet is lost, that is, a number between 1 and 12 comes out, since the recommendation is to apply another system in conjunction with the James Bond strategy , such as the Martingale, to be able to recover the money you’ve bet on this losing spin.

Of course, to try to recover the lost money, you must have a good amount of money.

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