Husker for Pulses

This high efficiency Husker has been specially designed for de-husking Lentils as well as other Pulses. The husking method is extremely efficient resulting in higher outputs with lower power consumption. The Husker consists of an abrasive Cone which rotes inside a drum with perforated screen at the bottom.

The product to be de-husked is fed to the Hopper of the machine and it then passes in between the cone and drum towards the discharge end. The abrasive action between the Lentils and the abrasive cone results in the removal of husk from the surface of the Lentils.

The husk is discharged through the perforated screen below the cone and is blown out by means of a powerful Aspirator whose air volume can be controlled, which is fitted at the bottom of the machine. The output of the machine and the degree of de-husking can be controlled by adjusting the in-feed gate as well as the discharge gate at the outlet of the machine.

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