Coffee Color Sorter

The SPECTRUM S-4001 Coffee Color Sorter is a CCD Camera based Color Sorter can be used for sorting of both Robusta as well as Arabica Coffee beans.

The S-4001 is available in Monochromatic as well as Bichromatic options for removal of reddish beans as well as dark green, brown, black beans and bleached beans.

Using advanced high resolution 2048 pixel CCD Line Scan Cameras, the product to be sorted is scanned at up to 6000 scans per second producing a very high resolution image of the coffee beans.

The resultant image is displayed on a 15" TFT screen for online viewing of the product and the product is classified with minute detailing, setting apart the good product from the defective product and the defective product is discarded using high speed pneumatic ejectors.

The S-4001 is fully computer controlled with automatic calibration and self check procedures. Instant change over from one product sort to another is possible, using pre-stored sorting Algorithms

The efficiency of the S-4001 Color Sorter is critically appreciated globally by clients spread across the food processing industry. The reliability and accuracy of sorting with ease of operation ensures dependable and seamless performance.


  • High resolution 2048 pixel Line Scan Cameras.
  • Upto 6000 scans per second.
  • Automatic cleaning of viewing area by wiper system.
  • Ultra fast pneumatic ejectors.
  • Automatic online calibration with self check procedures.
  • Fully computer controlled.

Technical Details

  • Air Requirements
  • Pressure : 7 Bar (100 PSI)
  • Consumption: 15-50 Ltr / Sec (32-110 cfm) approximate depending on the rejection rate
  • Air Quality: Free of Water, Oil and Dirt
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Voltage : 230 V AC Single phase
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Power : 2 KW
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The S-4001 - makes better business sense

  • Better sort quality using advanced digital cameras with precision scanning.
  • Minimal loss of good product due to super fast pneumatic ejectors.
  • Inbuilt Statistical tools for storing scan / processing details.
  • High level of customisation with a GUI based interface to fine tune the machine to your individual processing requirements.
  • Minimal loss of good product due to super fast pneumatic ejectors.
  • Data Storage Options help you build up a database for future reference.
  • Multiple Product Sorting is possible with ease and with minimal changeover time.
  • User friendly interface with large TFT screen for ease of operation requiring minimal operator skills.
  • Flourescent lighting with advanced circuitry ensure uniform illumination, long life and stable operating temperatures.
  • Robust design with good build quality ensures reliable and consistent performance.
  • Minimal operational costs due to the use of quality components and low cost of replacement.
  • Back up Service is available online and onsite.
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