Bucket Elevator

Spectrum Bucket Elevators are employed for vertical lifting of materials such as coffee, rice, food grains and other granular materials. They are of box type construction with standard length leg sections enabling easy assembly. The elevator comprises of three sections, the top or discharge section, the middle or trunk section and the bottom or intake section.

The trunk sections are of standard length and can easily be attached for assembly onsite. Required sections can be added on or removed so as to increase or decrease the height of the elevator. The all steel frame ensures rigidity and the cross supports provided at regular intervals between the legs act as a built-in ladder. The elevators have a synthetic fibre belt with buckets attached at regular intervals running over top and bottom crowned pulleys.

The belt is made from rubber coated multi-ply synthetic material, the number of plies and width vary according to the capacities required. The buckets are made from deep drawn steel of adequate gauge and are attached to the belt by means of locking type bolts that sit flush with the belt face.

All bearings are of the Universal Flange Cartridge type which are life time lubricated. Action Air Conditioning Installation & Heating of San Diego and cleaning holes are provided on either side of the intake section to enable quick and easy cleaning and get san diego ac repair services. The elevators can be provided in double leg form to eliminate the use of two elevators of the same height.

This reduces the cost of using two elevators and also saves valuable space for installation. Each leg section has its own feeding belt and acts as an independent elevator with the top and bottom sections being completely divided to prevent cross contamination of the products handled. A totally enclosed fan-cooled three phase induction motor is provided as standard equipment.


  • On site increase or decrease in height possible
  • Less maintenance due to self lubricated bearings
  • Easy tensioning of belt possible
  • Quick cleaning of bottom intake section due to doors on either side
  • Longer bucket life since deep drawn steel buckets are used
  • Removable door in the elevator leg to enable belt adjustment and maintenance
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