Belt Conveyor

We are reputed for the extensive range of Belt conveyor we offer our clients for their material handling requirements. The modular designed conveyor is suited for level delivery of food grains, cereals and other grainy items.


  • Comprises two rotary drums attached to a prefab frame with a long belt running between them for material conveyance.
  • The belt is designed with multi-ply rubberized material with PVC coated top face ideal for food grain transportation.
  • The capacity and length of the conveyor decides the number of trips to be made.
  • Permanently lubricated universal swivel bearings have rotary drums fixed on them.
  • Rotary drum placed near the ejection jet is powered by motor joined to Worm Reduction Gearbox.
  • The drive arrangement placed on a separate bed attached to the upright stands activates the entire conveyor assembly.
  • The stationary Rotary Drum can be adjusted to allow smooth balancing of the Belt Conveyor.
  • For seamless mobility of the belt idler roller on pillow block bearings are fixed at the bottom.
  • To prevent blockage due to overflow of material on the sides, the device is equipped with a side skirting.
  • The Belt Conveyor being prefabricated, the length can be adjusted with addition and subtraction at a later stage
  • To facilitate handpicking of the materials, the conveyor can be fixed with an electronic time interruption relay for regulating the on time/off time of the variable belt run.
  • It is powered by a fully walled in fan cooled three phase induction motor offered as a regular equipment.
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